Jeffrey F. Allsopp

Owner & President

Jeff studied at the Boston Architectural Center and Harvard University and prior to founding ADI, worked extensively as a landscape and building architect, developer and land planner. Jeff gained practical, on-the-ground experience of managing both large and small development projects, obtaining permitting and approvals, working with town boards and managing consulting professionals.

A few examples of his early, diverse portfolio include:

  • The purchase, redesign/revitalization and sale of multiple Charlestown buildings
  • The design and acquisition of permits and town approval for development of a new village within Groton, MA
  • The design and construction of a smart-growth development project in Lincoln, MA.
  • Oversight of multiple development projects throughout New England
  • Numerous landscape design projects for individual estates and university campuses

When Jeff established ADI in 1985, it was with the recognition that by merging these diverse skills he could provide a comprehensive service that would include everything from initial land planning and acquisition to architectural and landscape design to permitting approval and construction.

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