Green Design
From its founding in 1985, Allsopp Design, Inc. has incorporated a deep respect for the environment into its design philosophy. Jeffrey Allsopp has been active in many organizations whose mission is to protect the open spaces by balancing development with thoughtful and responsible design. Below are just some of examples of what Allsopp Design has provided to their clients.
recycled floorboards   Materials can be recycled during the construction process. In this office floorboards were used to construct desks and conference tables.   smart siting   Smart siting considers passive solar heating, protection from wind and impact on the surrounding environment.
solar water heating   Solar water heating systems can reduce energy consumption by using the sun to heat the water used for bathing and laundry.   permeable pavers   Permeable pavers allow storm water to soak back into the soil while providing a stable surface for driveways, walkways and parking areas.
lvoc paint   Interior walls, floors and trim painted with low volatile organic compound paints and stains ensure a healthy indoor air quality   power cost monitor   Awareness is the first step in "going green". This monitor provides real time feedback of your energy usage and can calculate your costs (or savings!)
rainwater recapture   Rainwater recapture systems can be incorporated into the design so the stored water can be used for flushing toilets or watering the gardens.   icynene insulation   Foam insulation has the highest R-factor rating of any insulation available. It emits no harmful vapors and reduces noise and cooling & heating costs.
photovoltaic solar module   This 150W high efficiency photo-voltaic solar module tracks the sun during the day to provide 10% of electricity requirements.   green roof   A live green roof can provide insulation for a building and reduce storm water runoff while creating a cooling effect for the surrounding environment.

To find our how green design and building techniques could improve your next project, call or email us for more information.